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Astrometer is a community of researchers and an AI driven platform, which is scanning, monitoring and scoring potentially valuable investments saving investors time, energy and money. Astrometer displays and analyzes data to track increased activity in order to identify potential threats and opportunities.

Astrometer collects data using AI, robots, scanners and hundreds of research community polls, populating data modules to provide easy-to-read comprehensive data. AM offers multiple modules and useful tools supporting and organizing work of the auditor, analyst, investor or everything at once.

Astrometer improves, organizes and leverages the researcher's work according to the established methodology using tools to collect and process data about crypto projects. By collecting data from different layers (i.e. product, team, usability, blockchain and development, community and others), it systematizes everything by creating useful rankings over time.

Astrometer provides information about crypto assets regardless of the state of the market. The idea behind AstroMeter is to provide premium and specialized revenue tools for the crypto industry.

Research-to-Earn is the new trend in the blockchain industry allowing users to earn tokens while doing research. R2E model is the time leverage of the researcher’s work. One researcher’s data will be shared with other researchers in exchange for access to their data.

AM token is related directly to payments on the platform and access to premium services.
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