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The AstroMeter platform

Minimizing risk is a priority for many investors. By adopting a strategy or taking actions in the market, one can reduce risk by using methods that help make the best decisions in the market. Astrometer implements a number of actions in its methodology aimed at reducing exposure to risk and maximizing profits.

AstroMeter is constructing an analytical platform with a focus on specific traits.

1. DYOR  

The basic principle for making investment decisions is the well-known maxim "Do Your Own Research" (DYOR). 
DYOR is a necessary and primary step in the fundamental analysis of a project, which includes analyzing all the strengths and weaknesses of the project. AstroMeter conducts research on projects both in an absolute and comparative manner, based on a previously established methodology

2. Methodology

The methodology of conducting research involves a series of activities and collecting data around the project from various cognitive layers. 
The methodology is based on the long-term knowledge of creators in the field of programming, product design and prototyping, corporate finance, legal analysis, broad marketing and other essential elements. 
Each department has its own designated and detailed methodologies and procedures to evaluate the cryptocurrency project in the selected layer. The adopted methodology is the basis for building the main engines of AstroMeter and constitutes so-called internal knowledge, yet ultimately, our know-how factors remain a proprietary secret.

3. Project analysys

Based on the adopted methodology, AstroMeter analyzes specifically collected data and processes it in a multi-layer way. The primary analytical layers are composed of information regarding:

  • team
  • product
  • transparency
  • marketing visualization
  • legal and compliance
  • utility and implementations
  • social media
  • product development
  • productivity and performance
  • partnerships
  • and others

4. Flags and ratings

To mark significant features in evaluated cryptographic projects, we use flags.
Flags are present in all project layers.
We establish flagging not only through exception flagging but also flagging in data zones. Flagging of individual project layers takes place not only in the data layer but also in the time layer.

The use of flags greatly impacts the construction of ratings.
Additionally, through exception management, we have built sensor flags (caller bots) designed to indicate unusual activity in individual data layers.
Based on this, project ratings have important markers (flags) that immediately change ratings, so that ratings are updated in real-time.

5. Inference

Based on the collected data and the creation of ratings for cryptographic projects, the data undergoes inferring to determine which of them are developing faster and better than others, and which do not have enough power to be at the top of the ranking.

6. Ranking

Based on the collected findings from evaluating cryptographic projects, a ranking is constructed. The ranking is built based on given evaluation parameters and parametric reasoning.

7. Extended ranking and selection optimization over time

Based on ranking and early research, we can track and measure the growth and development of projects in their early stages. Based on an analysis of project milestones, AstroMeter analyzes information to optimize expected profits.

8. Take profit

Assuming historical project behaviors and including macroeconomic (both fundamental and sentimental) factors, we can set zones for the "Take Profit" level for a given cryptocurrency asset. 
As the project progresses, we can adjust the TP settings. 

Setting a take profit level in advance gives us a sense of agency and control. 
By building our investment plan based on data, we eliminate noise and volatility. 
When fear, uncertainty and greed are rampant, the user executes their investment plan with the support of analytical tools.

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