R2E model

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Research to Earn (R2E)

The main premise of R2E is to protect the scarcity of research work and close its information exchange process.
Every user who wants to achieve measurable success in the cryptoverse while selecting projects with the biggest potential must perform their own research (DYOR). 
The R2E mechanism enables the researcher to monetize their work by sharing it and feeding the Astro knowledge base, in addition to performing research for their own purposes.

Data sharing is subject to segmentation algorithms and data synthesis, appropriate filtering and data flagging by exceptions, creating an internal mechanism which is one of the components of the R2E system.
R2E is a method that allows separating the investment layer of (AM) token from the mechanism of exchange of research work (points) and information (data).

R2E is a method that enables the separation of the token investment layer (AM) from the mechanism that exchanges research work (points) for aggregated data.

Main features of the mechanism:

  • regulates the process of awarding experience points to the researcher
  • is responsible for dividing rewards among researchers
  • regulates the process of awarding points based on difficulty
  • regulates the process of awarding points based on time spent
  • has a self-calibration mechanism
  • distributes fractional rewards from the investment token chain

AstroMeter is a place where researchers can collaborate on research and evaluations and create their own portfolios. 
A researcher can share their own research with other analysts or utility token traders. 
Their research will go to a platform visited by thousands of regular and new users.

Researchers will be able to exchange their research work for R2E work tokens associated with good research.
The platform transparently shares profits from processed research through audits.
Researchers will have access to new opportunities that come from information obtained from other researchers.
AstroMeter has tools that make daily work and research on many work planes easier.


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