Project pillars

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Evaluation and data processing

The AstroMeter project was created in response to the need for independent evaluation of projects both in the early stages of development as well as in the post-start-up phase. 
AstroMeter's data processing and evaluations are based on the understanding that, striving to minimize investment risk, investors want to make smart decisions while choosing cryptographic projects. 

Investors need the most reliable information about which cryptographic assets to invest in and when. 
There is a lot of noise and clutter, a lot of manipulated data, and many hidden dangers associated with cryptographic assets and NFTs.

Inappropriate information processing can render market participants unable to make the right decisions, thereby increasing expousure to risk. Each of the cryptographic assets evaluated by AstroMeter undergoes an assessment based on multi-layered processing of a large amount of data.

AM ratings consist of several layers and sublayers that are analyzed on a regular basis, such as product, utility, project community, trust, team and processing, among others.
The evaluations are not based solely on "expert knowledge" of people, but on conclusions drawn from large amounts of data that has been processed over time (both manually by people and based on AI machine-learning algorithms). 
All of this allows AM to share an impartial evaluation with platform users to assist them in making informed decisions in the crypto-verse.

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