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AstroMeter token (AM) - heart and engine of the platform

AstroMeter is an innovative, unique token connecting users and enthusiasts of the crypto space.

The AstroMeter token represents the utility of exchanging information about gathered cryptocurrency projects.
AstroMeter (AM) is linked to the R2E token to protect the scarcity/rarity of crypto space researchers' work and to separate research from the investment layer of the platform.

Additionally, the separation of the token is necessary in order to provide rewards to experienced researchers who earn a share of the revenue generated from the sale of services provided by the AstroMeter platform.



The nameplate of AM token consists of:

  1. Token quantity - 210 000 000
  2. Token distribution within - 5 years. In order to maintain a sustainable increase in value, emissions will occur gradually according to the chart.
  3. The issuance will be balanced by demand, and no continuous issuance of tokens is expected.
  4. Application of smart contract - vesting resulting in gradual release of tokens.
  5. (....) Hodlers will be able to staking tokens. (Hodlers will be able to receive rewards in the partner's external loyalty program.) Loyalty and length of staking will be additionally rewarded with bonuses financed from the profit from the sale of services and partly from burning tokens -- no impact on token inflation. Loyalty and the length of time you stake with a partner will be additionally rewarded with rewards financed from the profit from the sale of services.)
  6. Several types of bonuses have been planned:  the rewards for staking will be larger and depend on the length of each stake, additional rewards for liquidity providers are planned. Prize pools will come from an AstroMeter partner.
    The liquidity providers in the liquidity pool will be remunerated from the energy provider pool. The pool is proportional.
  7. Token burn has been planned in established and timed demand zones.
  8. The launch of the governance module with voting on important decisions for the entire project is planned. The voting power will depend on the amount of tokens and the length of token stacking. The voting rules will be made available in the governance tab.
  9.  Liquidity providers in the liquidity pool will be compensated from the pool designated for liquidity providers, as described in the tokenomics, in a proportional manner.
  10. During the testing period, active researchers will receive an airdrop proportional to the tests performed on the system. The airdrop rules will be announced.
  11. Astometer's profits will be deployed to gradually buy back the AM token from the market, reducing its supply. The time and terms of the buyback are determined by the treasury department, guided by the best interests of the project.
  12. The AM token will be listed on decentralized DEX exchanges and selected centralized CEX exchanges.


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